Speaker – Page to Speech Plugin for WordPress Speaker – Page to Speech Plugin for WordPress Free Download 3.2.4 – ThemeForest | Speaker v3.2.4 – Page to Speech Plugin for WordPress is a WordPress plugin meant to transform material on website into human-like language. The plugin employs the latest machine learning technology and artificial intelligence to play a human voice and add a content audio player to the website. The Speaker plugin is the Google cloud platform that provides the confidence and performance of the plugin everywhere in the world. In over 275 voices over 48+ language and variations the WordPress plugin translates text in human-like speech. In order to provide high-reality audio, it utilizes revolutionary research in language synthetization (WaveNet) and resilient neural networks of Google. The Speaker Nulled is the only WordPress plugin which supports the language mark-up (SSML) standard of speech synthesis. For each content on your website, SSML allows you to refine speech. In the typical style for people you can stop, intonate, read numbers and telephones. The SSML in the Speaker can also be used in a single article by a number of voices and languages. A lot of useful functions and settings You can create individual language templates for each page in the Speaker. A custom Speech Template may also be built and utilized for every post in WordPress. Batch processing enables all existing pages on your site to be converted into voice. Just click on the familiar WordPress interface in order to do so. Whether 5 or 5,000 posts will be synthesized and an audio file created on your website doesn’t matter. Customizable introduction and outdoor function for all synthesized speech files, which is quite helpful if you wish to brand all your files in the same way. For instance, at the start and/or end of the voice file you may include a welcome or copyright.

Demo Speaker – Page to Speech Plugin for WordPress